Personal data protection

We protect your personal data and do not share any of it.


This privary policy is aimed at you as a user of the website Its goal is to inform you about the way your personal data can in some instances be collected and processed by MON PARIS IMMOBILIER.

Respect of your private life and your personal data is a priority for us, and we commit to deal with your data in full accordance with the modified law (Loi Informatique et Libertés of 6th January 1978 –hereinafter « loi IEL »-) and with the EU General Data Protection Regulation of the 27th April 2016 (hereinafter « GDPR »).

At all times, we commit to respect the following two essential principles :

  • You remain in control of your personal data
  • You data is processed in a transparent, confidential and secured way.


The controller of your data is MON PARIS IMMOBILIER – 5 rue Sainte-Beuve 75006 Paris France.

Legal reminder : the data controller is, according to the loi IEL, the person deciding the means and aims of the processing. When two or more data controllers jointly decide the means and aims of the processing, they are the joint data controllers(or co-controllers). The data processor is someone processing personal data on behalf of the data controller, acting under the authority of the data controller and under instruction from him/her.

Should you have any question related to the processing or use of your personal data, you can reach us by :

  • Sending an email to
  • Sending a letter to MON PARIS IMMOBILIER – 5 rue Sainte-Beuve 75006 Paris France.


In accordance with article 30 of the GDPR, processing of your personal data is done through processing sheets which are filed in our register of processing activities.


Any data about you is collected either directly from you (information given  through the various contact forms) or indirectly through your visit on our website (connection and browsing data).

In all cases, your data is collected and processed only to answer your information requests, deal with your website registration, and enable the population of the various services.

Details of how your data is collected and processed are presented in this Personal Data Protection policy.

When necessary we commit according to circumptances to get your consent and/or to allow you to object to the use of your data for certain purposes, such as the possibility to send you commercial offers or place third party cookies on your computer, to enable audience measurement of our website and to bring you targeted advertising according to your interests.


Carrying out real estate negotiation operations. 

Legal Basis : contractual, processing is necessary to the execution of a contract or of precontractual actions.

Carrying out real estate negotiation operations encompasses :

Management of your contracts and follow-up to your questions

Contact requests, information requests, sending property specifications, technical descriptions, and in general enabling relations between MON PARIS IMMOBILIER and its clients, prospects and contacts

Linking with another agency

Management of prospective, request,  marketing  and personalised communication (email including newsletters and regular mail, telemarketing, targeting, exchange personalisation including through analysis of your requests, your must-haves). Subscription to our newsletter will allow you to receive pertinent information to do with our activity, our products, our services and our market. Each newsletter will give you the possibility to unsubscribe in a simple and immediate way

Taking part in experiences or public relation events organised by MON PARIS IMMOBILIER (festive season),

Access offered through the website to our collaborative platform

Offering you commercial opportunities via phone

Legal basis : our legitimate interest to present you with our services, your consent to receive commercial offers from us.

You have the possibility to subscribe for free to the list of objection to phone sales calls BLOCTEL ( ) to stop phone sales calls by a professional with whom you have no ongoing contractual relationship, according to law no 2014-344 of  17 March 2014 pertaining to consumption .

Managing and answering your request to exercise your rights  « Informatique et libertés »

Legal basis : legal obligation (GDPR and Informatique & Libertés law)

Why :

Management and processing of requests of users of the website, and in general of contacts of MON PARIS IMMOBILIER, to enable the exercise of theirs rights with regards to personal data protection.

Respect of legal and statutory obligations, notably concerning the activity of estate agent.

Assure the smooth running and constant improvement of our website and its functionalities.

Legal basis : our legitimate interest in guaranteeing the best working order  and quality level of our website, notably through statistics of visits, your consent when it is required.

Why : Understanding  and analysis of the ways the website is used  by its visitors and their navigation choices to better our online communication.


The mandatory or optional aspect of requested personal data and eventual consequences to you of a refusal to answer are specified during collection.

When filling in a form on this website, the personal data you give us is only used to deal with your request.

To carry out real estate negotiation operations :

  • Identification data : such as your civil status, family and first names, details (email address, phone number, mail address), ID copy, bank details when necessary,
  • Data pertaining to the specifications of your property : number of rooms, surface area, price, work in the building, local shops…
  • Data pertaining to the follow up of your relationship with Mon Paris Immobilier : contact requests, information or documentation, correspondence,
  • Data pertaining to your situation, family personal and sometimes professional,
  • Data necessary to fostering of customer loyalty and prospection,
  • Any data useful to the activity of estate agent and flat hunter.

To answer your request of information kept on our website

  • Identification data : such as your civil status, your family and first names your details (email address, phone number),

To make commercial offers through email

  • Identification data : such as your civil status, your family and first names, your details (email address, phone number).

To make commercial offers through phone

  • Identification data : such as your civil status, your family and first names, your details (email address, phone number).

To manage your request to exercise your « Informatique et libertés » rights

  • Identification data : such as your civil status, your family and first names, your details (email address, phone number), ID copy when needed.

To enable the smooth running and the constant improvement of our website and its functionalities

  • Your general browsing and monparisimmobilier website browsing history, including information related to the tracibility of your actions and interactions with the website, together with  localisation data (for example IP localisation), data pertaining to your terminal or tracking data about your actions towards emails we may send you (opening, clicking…).

Besides this information, you are informed that data we collect and process about you can sometimes be completed on our end, in particular for commercial, prospective, communication and marketing goals, through the use of other information sources (social networks…).

Lawfulness of data usage :  consent to data processing is obtained for each purpose according to the rules of the GDPR (art 6 and 7 of the GDPR) :

Data collected through the contact form is only used to manage your request, and based on the grounds of legitimate interests of the data controller(art 6 of the GDPR + considering 47).

Who has access to your personal data ?

This information is exclusively kept to our company, it will not be sold  or given to any third party for commercial purposes.

Within the limits of their respective attributions and towards purposes mentionned in article 5, the main individuals and entities who may have access to your personal data are the following :

  • Authorised staff of the various departments of MON PARIS IMMOBILIER (accounting, commercial, prospective, IT departments)
  • Companies in charge of managing the website
  • Financial bodies holding accounts for the tenant, new property owner, or owner
  • Public services, exclusively to answer legal obligations
  • Authorised staff of subcontractors (should subcontractors be involved)
  • If and when needed, professionals with relevant jurisdiction such as solicitors, mediators, accountants, lawyers, judicial officers, third parties who may have left cookies on your terminals when you consent.
  • Partner agencies.

List of our providers :

– Netty, IDF, Scans-lab, Exconexiom, Se Loger, Bienici


We keep your data only for the duration of the necessary time to reach expressed purposes, as described in article 5, and summarised below

Carrying out real estate negotiation operations

Until settlement of all outstanding accounts or until cancellation of contractual relationship except for information necessary to fulfil legal obligations. Data pertaining to potential buyers cannot be kept unless the purchase is effectively realised. Without purchase, information is deleted if the request is not renewed within three years.

Answering your information requests on our website

3 years from the end of the commercial relationship if you are a client or from your last contact if you are not yet a client.

Commercial and service offers as well as offers from our partner via email

3 years from the end of the commercial relationship if you are a client or from your last contact if you are not yet a client.

Commercial offers via phone

Necessary length to process your request.
At the latest 3 years from the end of the commercial relationship if you are a client or from your last contact if you are not yet a client.

Management of your requests to exercise  « Informatique et libertés » rights

1 year in the case of exercising the right of access or modification,
3 years in the case of exercising the right of objection.

Ensuring the smooth running and improvement of our website and its functionalities

13 months. Beyond this period, raw trafic data linked to a log in identification are either deleted or made anonymous.


How to exercise your rights on your personal data ?

GDPR provides several rights which you can exercise with regards to your personal data :

  • Right of access (asking for communication of personal data we hold about you)
  • Right to request the rectification (asking for modification, updating or erasure of some of the collected personal data)
  • Right of erasure (right to be forgotten) -asking for the erasure of personal data we have collected about you)
  • Right to limit processing (asking for us to stop using your personal data, which can then only be stored)
  • Right of data portability(asking to get data in a structured format to be sent to another data controller)
  • Right to object(objecting to be present in one of our files)

This information is necessary to the processing of your request and the management of our commercial relationships.
Personal data collected by MON PARIS IMMOBILIER is subjected to automated processing to enable management and negociation of property, management of client base and operations linked to business development.
Communication of your electronic details implies your consent to electronically receive commercial offers from MON PARIS IMMOBILIER.
You can however object at no cost (outside of those related to relaying your objection) and without having to justify your decision.
In accordance with the law no 78-17 of the 6 January 1978 (modified), you have a right of access, rectification and to object, for legitimate reasons, to the processing of your personal data which you can exercise by writing to the data controller, MON PARIS IMMOBILIER- 5 rue Sainte-Beuve 75006 Paris France.
You can exercise your rights by sending an email to  : or by regular mail to  – MON PARIS IMMOBILIER – 5 rue Sainte-Beuve 75006 Paris France.


We use connection data (date, time, internet address, phone protocol, accessed pages) on our website and cookies (small filed placed on your computer) allowing us to identify you, to record your navigation notably in relation to accessed pages, to assess the way our website is used.

You can consent, refuse or choose the type of cookie which you agreed to have placed on your computer terminals.


MON PARIS IMMOBILIER and its potential subcontractors commit to put all technical and organisational measures in place to ensure the security of the processing of your personal data and its confidentiality, in accordance with the informatique et Libertés law and the GDPR.

Cookies used on the website

What is a cookie ?

A cookie is a small file placed on the hard drive of your computer, tablet or mobile phone, when you browse the internet. Cookies enable the website to recognise your browser and present no danger to your devices. They are usually used to keep information about your choices and preferences and allow for example a personalization of available content on websites. Cookies cannot be used to identify you personally or by name. In general information kept in cookies consists of the domain name from where the cookie originates, its life cycle and a value which is usually a unique number randomly generated.

Cookies are files allowing our website to run correctly and to improve its interactivity. Please find below the list of cookies used on this website :

  • Cookies necessary to the smooth running of the website : some cookies are necessary to ensure the smooth running of a website services and to provide better usability  (ex : display or browsing preferences).
  • Audience analysis cookies : these cookies are used to count visits, identify how you use our website, provide statistics on the performance of our website. In time they enable a better browsing experience on our website (Google Analytics cookies, Google Tag Manager). Such cookies do not allow the identification of website visitors, they only provide anonymous statistics on our website.
  • Social networks sharing cookies : they allow a count and follow up of « Likes » and « Shares » on social networks (Facebook, Instagram, Google +) about this website. Cookie files can be placed on your terminal by social networks which allow the sharing of our website’s content. Such social network websites are materialised on our website through buttons allowing said networks to identify you while you browse our website. We cannot control these cookies nor the data collected by social networks. For more information on these applications, we invite you to go through the confidentiality policy of each social network.

Internet users on this website are informed that, when they access this website, information can temporarily be kept in the memory or the hard drive to improve the browsing of this website. Internet users of this website ackowledge having been informed of such practice and authorise MON PARIS IMMOBILIER to do so.

In accordance with the GDPR, you have the possibility to authorise or forbid the placement of cookies on your computer. To check the procedure, click the help section of your internet browser to find information pertaining to cookie deactivation. It is possible at any time to revert this choice by going to the cookie manager of your browser.

By continuing to use our website, you accept the placement of cookies on your terminal.